Bible - Trust

(Given Thursday, September 8)

Lucifer has made the accusation that God cannot be trusted.

So, we are looking for evidence to decide the answer

  • in the Bible,

  • in Nature,

  • in the lives of other people and

  • in our own lives.

We are exploring the question, "Can God be trusted?"

The Trust Assignment:

.........Investigate Trust.
.........Know what it means to Trust God.

Investigate the Evidence:

1. Look up the definition of “trust”.
Choose the definition or definitions that work with a spiritual trust.

2. Quote some Bible evidence that God can be trusted.

3. Talk with people and look up (on the Internet) these questions:
  • What does trusting God look like?
  • What will I see a person who trusts God doing?
  • What does trusting God sound like?
  • What will I hear a person who trusts God saying?

4. Find at least one experience that a person who trusts God has had that shows that God can be trusted.

How do we explain the experiences of people who don’t trust God because He didn’t do what they asked Him to do?

Write Your Paper...

Begin your first paragraph... "I believe God can be trusted because...

Use the information you have found from the Process listed above ( 1 - 4)

End your last paragraph with a sentence that tells you choose to trust God.