Ideas for Enriching or Extending a Lesson

Incorporate Reading Instruction
  • Previewing, Skimming, Summarizing, Note-taking

Incorporate Writing Activities
  • Personal Biographies, Personal Experiences & Connections, Explanations, Rationales, Step-by-Step, Solutions, Alternate Solutions, Stories, Plays

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Can be done as discussion or writing events

Concept Formation
  • Organize information in charts; Summarize similarities/commonalities; Classify

  • Form hypotheses; Gather relevant evidence; Determine credibility of sources; Test Hypotheses; Draw Conclusions based on evidence

  • Identify & Weigh Alternatives; Understand differing perspectives; Listen to arguments with which we disagree; Make decisions

  • Read between the lines (print or artistic media); Identify clues provided by author; Make meaning from conflicting evidence

Construction Activities
  • Maps, Charts, Books, Graphic Organizers, Musical instruments, websites, puppets, food, scenery/props, models, murals, visuals, posters

Simulations and Role-Playing

Music from differing cultures or sources

Drama from differing cultures or sources