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Peer bullying and harassment have taken the leap from face-to-face into cyberspace. The Internet is a relatively unsupervised place where bullies can belittle, torment, and frighten others, almost with impunity. Today's teachers have a responsibility to respond to this.

**franco72** writes:
This is true, I guess the question is , can it be avoided? It will be hard to avoid, what we as teachers and parents have to do is educate our children on the issue and teach them how not to fall for the presure. Teaching our students how to value themselves as respectable intellignet beings will also help. In the classroom the teacher needs to adminsiter strict supervision and have certain web blocking software install. Have an internet agreement sheet should be signed first by the parent and the studnet.
Posted Wednesday, 11:24 pm

**clarku2010** writes:
If the bullying is taking place on school computer equipment then the school can intervene. If the bullying is taking place from home the teacher can not control the situation. If the parents notify the school about a serious problem then maybe the police should be brought into the mix.
Posted Wednesday, 12:09 am

**rcourtney** writes:
Preparing students for a bullying situation by instructing them of who to report this type of situation to, helping them recognize the stituation, and limiting student access to education sites only may give students the education of how to deal with bullying during their internet usage. Enforcing the idea with students as well that the teacher is supervising the internet time may help students to focus on the task to prevent a distractiion to visit sites where they may fall pray to the situation.
Posted Wednesday, 2:25 am