Project Opportunities at Pensacola Jr. Academy

What this site is used for

Opportunities for students to learn need to include more than the textbooks used in the formal curriculum. This wiki will provide a directory of learning opportunities through projects that student may choose from. Many projects will require home work in addition to time spent at school on the work.

We are finishing the Human Body Systems projects.
By next week we will start projects in Electricity and Magnetism.

Education Fair
Each student in grades 4-7 will work on a project for Science Fair.
You will select the Topic, create a Question, design experiments that will provide Evidence to answer the question, collect the Data from the experiments, and finally, Respond to the question with an answer.

Learn to Type correctly

I recommend the app TypingClub
Each of the students in grades five through eight have accounts that are linked to our classroom. The Standard toward which we are working is that each student will be able to touch type at a minimum of 35 words per minute on a 10 minute timed test, with 95% or better accuracy.

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